The Institute of Parliamentary Affairs (INPA) is an institution established by the Government of Kerala in 2003 under the Travancore – Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955. The Institute was formally inaugurated on 22nd July 2004.

The basic idea behind the establishment of INPA is to strengthen parliamentary democracy in the country, and foster a sense of comradeship and spirit of democratic citizenship among its people, in short to make democracy the organising principle of the social and political life of the people of India, particularly that of Kerala.

The functions of INPA are as follows:

  • Rendering expert assistance in Parliamentary matters.
  • Conducting research on issues of parliamentary Democracy.
  • serving as a seminal agency to generate new ideas and concepts for the healthy development of parliamentary democracy.
  • Training different stakeholders of democratic governance in areas relevant to healthy functioning of parliamentary democracy.
  • Working with Parliamentary Institutions at the regional, national and global level for exchange of information and sharing of experience.
  • Integrating like-minded institutions so as to form an effective network to meet the objectives of the institute.
  • Undertaking and assist in the organization of conferences, workshops and seminars for the representatives of the people, government departments, local bodies and the public.
  • To familiarise with the life and work of the great leaders of parliamentary democracy and commemorate them.
  • To ensure active involvement of women and other marginalised sections in democratic decision making.
  • To promote understanding of parliamentary practices among youth.