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Enhancement of the role of Women in Parliament

Women must be made more aware and must be adequately informed of the role and importance of democratic institutions.This will also lead to more women entering the political arena, which will go a long way in strengthening parliamentary democracy.

Voter Data Collection & Voter Education

There is lack of satisfactory and authentic data in India regarding the voter turnout and how many voted in Indian elections and State elections. INPA can function as an independent agency to collect data in this area. Universal adult suffrage was granted to all citizens of the country since India became a Republic in 1950. Everyone above 21 was entitled to vote in any election to the Lok Sabha or to the State Legislative Assemblies. The age was lowered to 18 by the 62nd amendment to the Constitution in 1988. However, the average voter turnout in India elections has been between 56% to 64%, leaving behind a sizable portion of eligible population who do not vote for various reasons. INPA , which aims at strengthening democracy, can conduct voter education using variety of methods including the media and orientation campaigns. The Institute can work to increasing and maintaining this voter turnout through sustained voter education campaigns.

Increasing public Awareness of Parliamentary activities

A multi-pronged strategy can be adopted by INPA to generate and spread awareness among the public. At the school level, quizzes, debates, elocutions, essay-writing competitions can be conducted for children in democratic institutions and parliamentary affairs. Government staff can be trained in parliamentary affairs through systematic orientation programmes. Awareness building among the general public can also be brought about through the media, print and visual. Postures, brochures highlighting the positive role of Parliament can be designed and displayed. Documentary films targeted at specific age groups can be made carrying comprehensive information of the work done by the Parliament. In keeping with the growing population, there is periodic revision of the constituency boundaries. The public needs to be made aware of these revisions. The Institute can also take up the task of notifying the public and making aware of the same.



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