Journal A peer reviewed bi annual journal from institute of Parliamentary Affairs
Editor- Dr.Biveesh U.C, Director General, Institute of Parliamentary Affairs.

Editorial board

Prof. J Prabash, Former Pro Vice Chancellor, University of Kerala
Prof. John S Moolakkattu, Central University, Kerala
Prof. A K Ramakrishnan, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Prof. K M Seethi, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam
Prof. Mathew Joseph C,Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
Dr. V Bijukumar,Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Aim and Scope

Journal of Parliamentary Studies publishers original research articles on issues and problems in the areas of Democracy and Constitutionalism, Parliamentary Democracy, Social Change, Development, Political Economy, Law, Ethics, Philosophy, Culture, etc. We welcome articles which are pluralist in outlook. We believe that such articles are in great demand by the academic and the policy makers and the interested public.

Each volume will contain research articles, and a mixture of review articles and essays, interviews, etc. Submission to the journal will be taken as indicating that the work is original, unpublished and not under consideration elsewhere. The decision of the reviewers will be final.

Notes for Authors

All articles should be submitted both online ( and by post (The Editor, Journal of Parliamentary Studies, Institute of Parliamentary Affairs, Government of Kerala, Building No. 32, TC 81/1051, Santhi Nagar, Thiruvananthapuram – 695001). Contributors must provide their affiliations and complete postal and e-mail addresses with their papers.

1. All articles must be accompanied by an abstract of 150-200 words. Notes should be numbered serially and presented as footnotes.

2. British spelling should be used throughout, Single quotes throughout, double quotes within single quotes and spelling of words in quotations should not be changed. Quotations of 45 words or more should be separated from the text and intended with one line space above and below.

3. Tables and figures should be indicated by number separately

4. References: Alphabetic list of all books, articles essays, theses, and documents referred should be provided at the end of articles. All articles, books and theses should be listed in the alphabetic order of the author, giving the author’s surname first followed by the first name. References should be embedded in the text in the anthropological style, for example (Bauman 1973: 85). The detailed style of referencing is as follows.

• Smith, A.D. (1971) Theories of Nationalism, London: Duckworth.

• Mathur, H.M. (2008) (ed). India: Social Development Report 2008, New Delhi: Oxford University Press.

• Thomasson, Lasse (2006). The Inclusion of the other? Habermas and the Paradox of Tolerance Political Theory,34(4):439-462.

• The Guardian (2003), Spinning out of Control, 31December (for news items)

• UN Security Council (2002), Resolutions number 1453, 24 December.

• Panikkar, K.N. (2009), Culture as a Site of Struggle, Accessed on 24 May.

5. Book reviews must contain name of the author and book reviewed, place of publication and publisher, year of publication, number of pages and price.

6. The editor reserves the right not to accept article for consideration if they are not in proper style, quality and appropriate length.

Peer Review Policy

    Journal of Parliamentary Studies adheres to a rigorous reviewing policy in which the identity of both the reviewer and author are always concealed from both parties. Journal of Parliamentary Studies is committed to delivering high quality, fast peer-review for your paper. Reviewer’s decision and the content of their review is not published on the site. The Editor or members of the Editorial Board may occasionally submit their own manuscripts for possible publication in the Journal. In these cases, the peer review process will be managed by alternative members of the Board/ review team and the submitting Editor/Board member will have no involvement in the decision-making process.

Annual Subscription

Individuals : Inland Rs. 200.00 Abroad $20

Single Copy : Inland Rs. 200.00 Abroad $20

Institution/Library : Inland Rs. 200.00 Abroad $20

Life Members of INPA: Inland Rs. 300.00 Abroad $15

Volumes Published

2018 July – Volume 10 (2)
2018 January – Volume 10(1)
2017 July – Volume -9 (2)
2017 January -Volume – 9 (1)
2016 July- Volume – 8 (2)
2016 January -Volume -8 (1)
2015 July- Volume -7 (2)
2015 January -Volume -7 (1)
2014 July –Volume- 6 (2)
2014 January -Volume -6 (1)
2013 July Volume -5 (2)
2013 January – Volume -5 (1)
2012 July – Volume – 4 (2)
2012 January – Volume – 4 (1)
2011 July Volume -3 (2)
2011 January -Volume – 2 (1)
2010 June -Volume -1(1)